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The Blue Star Costume

The Blue Star Costume is worn by Sakura at the beginning of The Second Film: Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card, when Sakura stars in a video, along with Yue and Kerberos, filmed by Tomoyo battling monsters created by the Create card.


This costume consists of an extravagant blue dress with yellow bottom edges around the center of the star-shaped design around the chest.

This costume consists of an extravagant blue dress with yellow bottom edges. The white coat above the dress is long and extends to the ankles and has a yellow stripe on each tip that ends with a star pendant. Above the coat is a short poncho that covers the shoulders: its colored blue with yellow edges around the corners. On the chest is a prominent red star.

It also includes wrist length blue gloves and long blue boots with yellow edges that go up over the knees. To top it off is a magician like hat colored blue, like the majority of the costume; with a white stripe crossing it at the base and a yellow border to it and star-shaped pendent at the tip.


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