Mokona Modoki
Illustration of Soel (left) and Larg (right)
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Also Known As Mokona
Soel (White Mokona)
Larg (Black Mokona)
Birthday February 14 (decided birthday)
Relations Clow Reed (creator)
Yūko Ichihara (creator)
Mokona of Cephiro (based upon)
Powers Travel dimensions (Soel only)
108 secret techniques
First Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 2
xxxHolic Chapter 3
First Appearance
Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 2
xxxHolic Episode 1
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 232
xxxHolic Chapter 111
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Shunraiki Episode 2
xxxHolic Rō Adayume
Seiyuu Mika Kikuchi
English Carrie Savage
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Mokona Modoki (モコナ=モドキ, Mokona=Modoki) is the name given to the two rabbit-like creatures from Clamp's sister series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic (Also appearing in one of their earlier works, Magic Knight Rayearth). The name Mokona Modoki (or simply Mokona) refers to any or both characters, as they are never called by their real names. The Black Mokona’s real name is Larg (ラーグ, Rāgu), while the White Mokona’s real name is Soel (ソエル, Soeru).

In the Japanese versions of both Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, Mika Kikuchi provides the voices of the two Mokonas. In English, Mokona is voiced by Carrie Savage.


Larg and Soel are copies of the original Mokona, who appears in Magic Knight Rayearth (another Clamp series). The two were created by Yūko Ichihara and Clow Reed (who appear to be aware of the existence of Sakura Kinomoto and all of the events in her world). One day, Yūko and Clow encountered the original Mokona, who was traveling through different worlds, and Mokona provided Yūko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions. After learning that one day a Sakura and Syaoran from an alternate world would come to their world to ask for help, Yūko and Clow created the two Mokona, basing them on the original but with slight differences, such as difference in size and the ability to talk (whereas the original Mokona would only say "Puu!"). Each Mokona was also given an earring which matched the color of the gem on its forehead, the blue earring seals magic power while the red earring boosts magic power.

In Chapter 133 of Tsubasa, Yūko explained to the TRC group that the two Mokona were created in order to stop the plans of Fei Wong Reed's wishes.

The full story of the two Mokona is told in Clamp’s Soel to Larg: Mokona=Modoki no Bouken (Soel and Larg: The Adventures of Mokona=Modoki).

We also learn in the Drama CD provided with the first Kei DVD that the Mokona chose the 14th of February for birthday.

White Mokona (Soel)

Mokona Soel

White Mokona, Soel


Good at Drawing

Likes sweet food

Gem in the forehead.earing: Red/Magic

White Mokona is the manju-bun -like creature from Clamp’s Tsubasa Chronicle that possess several astonishing abilities, such as traveling to different worlds, teleporting objects from one world to another, and sensing strong auras. Mokona was what Yûko gave Syaoran and the others in return for the prices they paid, enabling them to go to different worlds in the search for Sakura’s feathers, and as we later find out, without Mokona they wouldn’t be able to communicate (except for Syaoran and Sakura, as they are from the same world) because they all come from different worlds and speak different languages. With the help of Black Mokona, Mokona is able to stay in contact with Yûko, and in the manga there is an illustration showing Mokona talking to Black Mokona in the background.

Mokona is also responsible for locating Sakura’s feathers, and whenever one is around it goes ‘mekkyon’ (scary face) for an instant, which alerts the others. Mokona is a very cheerful, optimistic and energetic being, and loves to tease Kurogane, who occasionally uses violence to get back at him. Similar to Larg, Soel has a strong fondness for alcoholic drinks. The name Soel comes from the rune Sôwilô meaning sun.

108 Secret Skills


Mokona has stated that it has 108 Secret Skills. So far the ones that have been revealed are:

  1. Mokonamkeyo

    Mokona (Soel) sensing one of Sakura's Feathers

    Voice Imitation
  2. Translator
  3. Acting
  4. Super Sneaky Entry[1]
  5. Travel Between Worlds (White Mokona only)
  6. Clever Disguise [2]
  7. Larg spirit

    Black Mokona (Larg) "eating"‎ an evil spirit

    See Ghosts (Black Mokona only)
  8. Understanding Lonely People
  9. Super Suction Power (able to vary the strength)
  10. Super Aspiration
  11. Drawing Capabilities
  12. Time Traveling
  13. Feel the Feathers' Wavelength
  14. Clairvoyance
  15. Flirting
  16. Singing
  17. Tease
  18. Writing kanji (Black Mokona is good at it)[3]
  19. Communicating Between Different Worlds (as seen in Tsubasa Chronicle)
  20. Making Friends
  21. Super Strength
  22. Super Transformation (as seen in Tsubasa Chronicle)
  23. Inhibit Magical Curses (White Mokona's earring can do so as seen in the manga)
  24. Teleport items between the Mokonas
  25. Immune to bad luck
  26. Drink alcohol
  27. N'CHA Cannon (a reference to the manga series Doctor Slump)
  28. Play Chess [4]
  29. Knit[5]
  30. Know when someone is sad.
  31. Super Deductive Reasoning
  32. Eating Apples Whole
  33. Dramatic Performance[6]

Black Mokona (Larg)

Mokona Larg

Black Mokona ,Larg


Good at writing

Likes Salty food

Gem in the Forehead.Earing:Blue/Seal

Black Mokona is not quite as enthusiastic and energetic as White Mokona, but nevertheless a teaser. He usually calls Watanuki 'Watanuki April Fools' which results in a reaction from Watanuki similar to Kurogane's. Little is known about Black Mokona, except that it is able to see ghosts, something the White Mokona cannot do, and that its main purpose is to stay in contact with the White Mokona, so that Yûko can know where the group is and assist them if necessary. Also, Black Mokona is used for teleporting things to the White Mokona, which it does by swallowing them. Yuko has also remarked that of the two Mokona, the red earring on the white one possesses the ability to enhance magical power while the blue earring on black one has the ability to seal magical power. In chapter 157 of xxxHolic it was shown the sealing ear ring is sealing away both Sakura's memories of Syaoran and Watanuki's memory of his past. It also apparently has the ability to devour spirits and compress them into a ball, although it is not evident if the White Mokona possesses this ability either.

Like Yuko, Black Mokona loves to drink sake. The name Larg comes from the rune Laguz meaning water.

In being referred to by other characters in xxxHOLiC, Black Mokona takes offense to indirect references and pronouns, which are notably more informal or rude in Japanese than in English.

Appereances in other Media


Both Mokona Modokis appear in Kobato, a later CLAMP series. There, Black Mokona appears in episode 17, both, Watanuki and it make an appearence, but not together. Mokona seems to be a mascot, called MokonaLand, where all the games and merchandising are Mokona-themed. White Mokona makes an appearence 3 episodes later, with Syaoran and the group, there Iyogori recognizes it after his experience in MokonaLand, but then he realizes they're not the same. Mokona goes with Syaoran and Kobato to their job at the candy store to get money for Kobato, who wanted to celebrate Saint Valnetine day on the nursery school, but she lacked of funds. After they did so, Mokona transportes the group to a new world. It, and Fay comically adresses Ioryogi as "this world's Kurogane", because of their similar behaviour and voice (they shared the same seiyuu), which annoyed both.

CLAMP in Wonderland 2

Both Mokonas are the main characters in this non-canonical CLAMP homage. There, both ask Yuuko to travel inside the worlds on a manga book, so Watanuki make them a small package and she opens a portal in the book. Inside they meet many characters from other CLAMP works; they fly along The Man of Many Faces, Chun Hyang, Shirahime and the Mokona of Cephiro; they exercise with Sumomo, Hotoko, Hideki, Chii and Freya from Chobits; they look at the transformation of Ashura from RG Veda along with the other Six Stars, until Yasha stops Ashura before he strips; they enter into the Green Drugstore and are chased by Rikuo and Kazahaya, from Legal Drug; they break into Seichiro Sakurazuka's consultory (from Tokyo Babylon), who when looked ,tried to inject them, but they managed to escape, leaving him dissapointed, Subaru was embarrased and Hokuto, very excited; they enter to an Angelic Fight, and Soel faced Hikaru (from Angelic Layer), much to Misaki's surprise. They also meet Sue from Clover, who using her cannons, opened another portal, transporting them into a restaurant in the X/1999 world, where they start, innocently, a psychic fight between Kamui and Fuuma, sending Yuzuriha, Kakyo, Miyuki and many other charcters flying away. They even become Clow Cards and are summonned by Sakura, who is thrilled along with Syaoran and Tomoyo; she uses The Fly to give the Mokonas and Syaoran a small ride as Tomoyo tapes, but as they look around they meet the Tsubasa group, riding on dragons going to a new fight, on a flying castle. During the battle, the Mokonas jump from Sakura's Staff and enter to another portal, driving them to a comic shop in the real world, where they look at all the CLAMP's manga books.


  • Mokona was named after one of Clamp's members, Mokona (formerly Mokona Apapa).
  • The name "Mokona Modoki" may be a Japanese pun meaning "fake Mokona" or "replica Mokona".
  • The preferred Japanese counter for a number of Mokona is "Mokona", not "hiki/biki/piki" typical of small animals.


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