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Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 2
Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack II
By Takayuki Negishi
Released 19 December 1998

Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 2 is the second original soundtrack album to the anime television series adaptation of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura. It was released in Japan on 19 December 1998. It contains the background music from the animation as well as the numerous theme songs for the series.

Track Listing

  1. 封印解除 - "Fuuinkaijou/ Seal Release"
  2. Catch You Catch Me (さくらバ-ション) "Catch You Catch Me (Sakura Version)" by Sakura Tange
  3. ローラーブレイド - "Rōrābureido/ Rollerblade"
  4. 苺鈴のテーマ - "Meilin no Theme/ Mei Lin's Theme"
  5. カードの気配 - "Card no Kehai/ Card Signing"
  6. 夢にみたデート - "Yume ni Mita Date/ Dating Seen in a Dream"
  7. 追跡 - "Tsuiseki / Pursuit"
  8. 歌帆のテーマ - "Kaho no Theme/ Kaho's Theme"
  9. ショッピング - "Shoppingu/ Shopping"
  10. どきどき探検隊 - "Dokidoki Dankentai/ Heart-pounding Expedition"
  11. 小さな妖精 - "Chiisana Yousei/ Small Fairy"
  12. 無責任な守護者 - "Misekinin na Shugosha/ Irresponsible Guardian"
  13. "DOTA-BATA" - "ドタバタ/ Slapstick"
  14. 出逢い - "Deai/ Encounter"
  15. Super Duper Love Love Days - by Gumi
  16. 予兆 - "Yochou/ Signs"
  17. カードの攻撃 - "Card no Kougeki/ Card Attack"
  18. やさしさにつつまれて - "Yasashisa ni Tsutsumarete/ Wrapped in Kindness"
  19. 星の煌めき - "Hoshi no Kirameki/ The Sparkle of the Stars"
  20. ぬくもりの記憶 - "Nukumori no Kioku" by Seki Tomokazu/ Warm Memories"
  21. 怪現象 - "Kaigenshou/ Mysterious Phenomenon"
  22. 悲しいな - "Kanashii na/ It's Sad"
  23. - "Maboroshi/ Phantom"
  24. 大ピンチ - "Daipinchi/ Big Pinch"
  25. 決意 - "Ketsui/ Determination"
  26. さくらがんばる! - "Sakura Ganbaru/ Do Your Best Sakura!"
  27. Victory
  28. Groovy! - by Komi Hirose
  29. Catch You Catch Me (TVサイズ)(ボーナストラック) - "Catch You Catch Me (TV Version)(bonus track)" by Gumi
  30. サブタイトル(ボーナストラック) - "Subtitle (bonus track)"
  31. アイキャッチ(ボーナストラック) - "Eye Catch (bonus track)"
  32. 予告bgm(ボーナストラック) - "Yokoku BGM (bonus track)/ Notice bgm (bonus track)"
  33. ケロちゃんにおまかせ(ボーナストラック) - "Kerochan ni Omakase (bonus track)/ Leave it to Kero (bonus track)"
  34. Groovy!(TVサイズ)(ボーナストラック) - "Groovy! (TV Version)(bonus track)" by Komi Hirose

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