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Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack
Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack I
By Takayuki Negishi
Released 23 July 1998

The Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack is the first original soundtrack album to the anime television series adaptation of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura. It was released in Japan on 23 July 1998. It contains the background music from the animation as well as the numerous theme songs for the series.

Track Listing

  1. Catch You Catch Me - by Gumi
  2. - "Yume/Dream"
  3. さわやかな朝 - "Sawayakana Asa/ Fresh Morning"
  4. 幸せの桜並木 - "Shiawase no Sakura Namiki/ Happy Cherry Tree Sidewalk"
  5. 地下室 - "Chikashitsu/ Basment"
  6. ケロちゃんのテーマ - "Kero-chan no Theme/ Kero's Theme"
  7. 誕生!カードキャスター - "Tanjou! Cardcaptor/ Birthday! Cardcaptor"
  8. 楽しいひととき - "Tanoshii Hitotoki/ Good Time"
  9. やすらぎの日 - "Yasuragi no Hi/ Peaceful Day"
  10. ヒトリジメ - "Hitorijime/ Monopoly" by Gumi"
  11. ほぇ? - "Ho ~e?/ Hoe?"
  12. あこがれ - "Akogare/ Longing"
  13. 元気いっぱい - "Genki-Ippai/ Peppy"
  14. 小狼のテーマ - "Syaoran no Theme/ Syaoran's Theme"
  15. あなたといれば - "Anata to Ireba/ If I'm With You" by Sakura Tange and Junko Iwao
  16. お母さんのおもかげ - "Okaasan no Omokage/ Mom's Vestiges"
  17. クロウカード - "Kuroukādo/ Clow Card"
  18. クロウカードを逃がすな! - "Clow Card o Nigasu Na!/ Don't Release the Clow Cards!"
  19. せつない気持ち - "Setsunai Kimochi/ Painful Feelings"
  20. 夜の歌 - "Yoru no Uta/ Song of the Night" by Junko Iwao
  21. さくらのテーマ(1) - "Sakura no Theme I/ Sakura's Theme 1"
  22. パニック - "Panikku/ Panic"
  23. 対決!! - "Taiketsu!!/ Showdown!!"
  24. さくらのテーマ(2) - "Sakura no Theme II/ Sakura's Theme 2"
  25. 希望の予感 - "Kibou no Yokan/ Premonition of Hope"
  26. しあわせの魔法 - "Shiawase no Mahou/ Happy Magic" by Sakura Tange

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